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List Of Highest-Grossing Pakistani Films

Best Pakistani Movies which earn most business

When Pakistani industry died back and revival in 2009 Syed Noor and all Pakistani actor and actress loses hope that there would be no revival of cinema , Back then we all believe on this and start watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies, Some of the Pakistani became interested in Iranian and Turkish Dramas . Now back in 2013 again the stage is set and we are seeing the wanders of new actors, actresses and directors to set the stage again for our popularity, wealth of Pakistan.

List Of Highest-Grossing Pakistani Films

Top Pakistani Movies 2010

  1. Channa sachi muchi
  2. Virsa
  3. Son of Pakistan
  4. Ter Bin Laden
  5. Wohti ley k jani ay
  6. Lado Rani

List of Pakistani films 2011

  1. Bol
  2. Bhai log
  3. Khamosh Raho
  4. Ove main Ghum
  5. Jugni
  6. Aik or Ghazi

Top Pakistani movies in 2012

  1. Shareeka
  2. Gol Chakar
  3. Seedlings
  4. Josh: Independence through Unity
  5. Sultanat
  6. Saving Face
  7. The Reluctant Fundamentalist

Best Pakistani Movies of 2013

  1. Zinda Bhaag
  2. Waar
  3. Main hoon Shahid Afridi
  4. Ishq Khuda
  5. Chambaili
  6. Siyaah
  7. Good Morning Karachi
  8. Armaan
  9. Anjuman
  10. Animal State

Best Pakistani Movies of 2014

  1. O21
  2. Na Maloom Afraad
  3. Dukhtar
  4. Hijrat
  5. The system
  6. Hotal
  7. Naach
  8. Downward Dog

Best of 2015 Pakistani Movie List :

  1. Jawani Phr nai ani
  2. Bin Roye
  3. Wrong No
  4. Jalaibi
  5. Manto
  6. Karachi se Lahore
  7. Moor
  8. 3 Bahadur
  9. Ho Man Jahan
  10. Dekh magar Pyar se
  11. Yalghar
  12. Halla Gulla
  13. Where embers Fly
  14. Beyond the height
  15. Shah
  16. Bajrangi Bhaijan
  17. Maya
  18. Abdullah : the Final Witness
  19. Among the Believers

Most watched 2016 Pakistani Movie List

Today In this post I would like to share the best of screen Movies in Pakistan 2016, I will be eagerly waiting in comment section which movie you like and why

  1. Two + Two
  2. Whitle
  3. A Wedding
  4. Nation
  5. Rehm
  6. Tum hi to ho
  7. Jeewan hathi
  8. Revenge of the Worthless
  9. Lahore se agay
  10. Dobara phr se
  11. Mah-e-Mir
  12. Actor in Law
  13. Maalik
  14. Bachana
  15. Janan

Highest-grossing films by year of release

1 Jawani Phir Nahi Ani                                              2015                       Rs420 million (US$4.2 million)

2Actor in Law                                                             2016                       Rs240 million (US$2.40 million)

3 Waar                                                                         2013                       Rs230 million (US$2.2 million)

5 Janaan                                                                     2016                       Rs175 million (US$1.75 million)

6 Ho Mann Jahaan                                                 2016                       Rs162.5 million (US$1.6 million)

7 Wrong No.                                                              2015                       Rs150 million (US$1.5 million)

8 Na Maloom Afraad                                              2014                       Rs122 million (US$1.2 million)

9 Bol                                                                           2011                       Rs122 million (US$1.0 million)

10 Bin Roye                                                               2015                       Rs109 million (US$1.0 million)

11 Karachi se Lahore                                              2015                       Rs100 million (US$1.0 million)

12 Bachaana                                                            2016                    Rs100 million (US$1.0 million)

13 Lahore Se Aagey                                                2016                       Rs90 million (US$0.9 million)

14 Jalaibee                                                               2015                       Rs71 million (US$0.71 million)

15 Maalik                                                                2016                       Rs69 million (US$0.69 million)

16 3 Bahadur: The Revenge of Baba Balaam         2016                       Rs67.5 million (US$0.67 million)

17 3 Bahadur                                                                      2015                       Rs66 million (US$0.66 million)

18 Zindagi Kitni Haseen Hay                                         2016                       Rs65 million (US$0.65 million)

19 Khuda Kay Liye                                                            2007                       Rs65 million (US$0.40 million)

20 O21                                                                                  2014                       Rs59.2 million (US$0.59 million)

Hope you like watching movies in cinema or at home with your family and friends. Stay Tune with our blog to stay updated. We wish and pray that Pakistani Cinema progress day by day.  Check out best video clips and trailer of movies only on

List Of Highest-Grossing Pakistani Films Reviewed by on . When Pakistani industry died back and revival in 2009 Syed Noor and all Pakistani actor and actress loses hope that there would be no revival of cinema , Back t When Pakistani industry died back and revival in 2009 Syed Noor and all Pakistani actor and actress loses hope that there would be no revival of cinema , Back t Rating: 0
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